An adventure of the heart...

Mindful Creators Women's Immersion

An Intimate Mindful Creators Training with Dr Laura Ciel

April 29 - May 6, 2018  Paris, France

The most powerful way to serve the world is to connect intimately with who you are!

MIndful Creators Paris Live Dr Laura Ciel Bill Poett

Awaken your senses and embrace your inner Wonder Woman!

Bonjour Paris! Imagine waking up in this beautiful city in the Springtime and eating a fresh croissant while awaiting the rest of your group for the day's first training. Imagine getting to know this city with fresh eyes, for the first time or the 100th, while getting back in touch with yourself.

Join Dr Laura Ciel and a few other women for an "Adventure of the Heart" where you will taste, touch, see, hear, feel and share in new and exciting ways. If you have ever been afraid to travel alone, this adventure will provide you a solid foundation for pushing yourself in whatever direction you want to go.

If you are a seasoned traveler and/or know Paris well you are invited to open up to the magic of surprises that you might never have imagined.

There is magic around every corner...

This adventure is about uncovering or reconnecting with all of who you are and luxuriating in the experiences of the city of Paris. How do we do this? As a Mindful Creator, you know how important it is to be aware... this mindfulness allows you to choose your words and your actions in each moment so that you are moving from a place of love, integrity and service.

From the moment you arrive in Paris you will be adventuring into new territory (even if you already know Paris). Each moment holds the possibility of some new insight, some new part of you awakening.

The beauty of deepening your Mindful Creators training in Paris is that you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new way of being... and tap into the magic of where you are so that when you travel home you take with you not only amazing memories, but a new awareness of who you are as a woman.

Mindful Creators Paris Live Dr Laura Ciel Bill Poett
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Mindful Creators Training Dr Laura Ciel Bill Poett

You might feel like you are dreaming...

...and that's okay. That's part of the adventure. When you begin connecting back to your heart, your dreams and your desires it can feel foreign. This is you expanding and opening to greater possibilities.

As you delve into the internal work and then move out into The City of Light, it can feel like a dream. As a Mindful Creator, you know that in order to create what you want, you must first dream it... feel it. This is the process in this Immersion training.

What exactly can you expect from this Paris Immersion?

Some highlights of the adventure...

  • A special journal for the week's training.
  • A sneak peak into Dr Laura's upcoming book.
  • Six nights in a Parisian apartment with other participants (some single rooms available on a first come first serve basis and at an additional cost)
  • French breakfast each morning of croissants, bread, butter, jam, coffee or tea.
  • Lunch is included most days (picnics, salads and some restaurant meals depending on the activity of the day)
  • Small group training every day advancing through all aspects of the compass, the elements, the steps and the principles of the Mindful Creators Academy course. (Note: this immersion training is deep and everyone needs to have gone through at least one round of the MC Academy in order to participate).
  • Trainings will consist of some lecture, but mostly experiential learning via group work, partner work, writing and then taking exercises out into the city in small groups, pairs and alone at different times.
  • At the end of the week you will have incredible memories, new friendships and most importantly you will have integrated new learning as a Mindful Creator and leave feeling more you than ever before with the confidence you have what it takes to live your life as fully as possible when you return home.
  • Your senses will be reawakened and you will feel more alive than before!
  • You will laugh, have fun and enjoy getting to know you again, as well as getting to know the rest of the group.
  • You will learn some new French words and phrases.
  • Although this is not a "touristy" trip, we will see some of the sights of the city such as a boat ride on the River Seine, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and a few museums to supplement our training and revive and expand our soul. These  group excursions are all included.
  • One half hour private consultation with Dr Laura Ciel prior to the Immersion.
  • One hour private consultation with Dr Laura Ciel during the week in Paris (others will have free time to explore, write, walk, rest or whatever you choose during this time).
  • One full day outing to Versailles, Giverny or other cool spot (depending on weather and group preferences).
  • Social hour and dinner the first night you arrive.
  • A special dinner celebration the last night.


Mindful Creators Live Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett
Mindful Creators Live Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett
Mindful Creators Live Dr Laura Ciel Bill Poett
Mindful Creators Paris Live Dr Laura Ciel Bill Poett

What you should know before signing up.

For those of you who know Paris:

  • This trip will introduce you to a whole new Paris and a whole new you so open up to a new way of being. Your challenge will be one of seeing the city with fresh eyes.
  • If there are certain activities and places you want to do or see and they are not on our final itinerary, you will have have some free time to explore. And of course, you can always stay a few days longer.

For those of you who will be meeting Paris for the first time:

  • Seems simple but is worth reminding us all. Paris is Paris and the French are French. The culture, the language and the way people interact is very different than other countries. The more you let go of expectations, the more fun you will have.
  • Space is small (especially compared to what we have in America). This means small beds, small stairways, small elevators, small bathrooms... you get the picture. Your accommodations will be fantastic and not what you might get "back home" so flow (think Wind energy).
  • We will be walking and using public transportation most of the time and elevators don't always work so be prepared to use stairs and bring comfortable shoes.
  • Paris weather is mercurial in the Spring. It could be pouring down rain and shivering cold one day and bright, sunny and warm the next. Wear layers and pack a rain coat and umbrella.
  • No matter how much or how little you have traveled in your life, you will be supported in your adventures in this Immersion. That being said, you will be asked to push outside your comfort zone at times. Trust that this is part of your training and use the group debrief time to learn from your experiences.

*Although most of the trip will be "set" before you arrive, life is life and things will shift due to circumstances outside of our control. We are a small group and if everyone is open to the most magical trip ever than nothing will stop us!

*You are an active co-creator of this Paris Immersion so connect with your heart and get clear about what you want from this adventure and it will happen... maybe not exactly as you had thought it would, but in an even more beautiful and powerful way.

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Your Passport to Paris

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Discover an entirely new way of being...

Open your senses and awaken your inner Wonder Woman

Laura Wright

“I got more results in the first two weeks using this training than in years of other personal development programs!”

Laura Wright Emmy Award Winning Actor
Meghan Monroe

The tools that Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett offer are life transforming–in every area. It has been an incredible gift to join the Mindful Creators Academy!

They gave me new, powerful tools and a solid foundation to turn great into epic on a consistent and repeatable basis! Thank you Bill Poett and Dr. Laura Ciel! 💝


Meghan Monroe International Recording Artist

The Details...

Even if you have trained with Dr Laura in person before, this Paris Immersion training will bring all aspects of you to a new level... a new, higher vibration level. You will feel the magic and light of Paris flowing through you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

This is called an Immersion because you will immerse yourself in the training, in the city and in the energy that is always flowing within and around you. Your capacity for greater love, joy personal success and positive impact in the world is directly tied to your ability to tap into this energy.

Dr. Laura has been envisioning this Paris Immersion for years and is excited to welcome you into the very first group of women to train with her in the city that nurtured her during her transformation.

What you need to know:

  • Airfare is NOT included (flights need be scheduled by you to arrive on April 30, 2018 and leave May 6, 2018 unless you plan to extend your trip either before or after the Immersion)
  • Airport transfer is included to/from CDG (airport you will be flying into) on the above travel dates
  • Accommodations are included for six nights (wonderful Parisian apartment in a safe neighborhood - arrondissement)
  • French breakfast is included each morning
  • Most lunches are included (a few will be on your own)
  • All Paris museum passes included
  • A packet "carnet" of Metro tickets included
  • Welcome snacks on day of arrival
  • Welcome cocktail hour on day of arrival with champagne, wine and sparkling water
  • A brand new journal for you
  • Dinner on the first night
  • Celebration dinner on the last night
  • One 30 minute private phone consultation with Dr Laura before departure
  • One 60 minute private in person training in Paris
  • Total cost for the Paris Immersion program is $5500 excluding airfare.
  • There is a $500 non-refundable deposit required to hold your space. If, for any reason, you are unable to come on the trip, I will offer you a one hour private coaching phone session with me).
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Your Passport to Paris

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Mindful Creators Live Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett

Your Paris Immersion: Typical Day


Breakfast in your apartment with other Mindful Creators (time to do early morning walk if desired)

Gratitude practice and setting the intention for the day

Full group training in the living room space with exercises and opportunities for experiential learning, moving out into the neighborhood at times


Half the group to lunch with Dr Laura and the other half on their own (program will be reversed following day)

Opportunities to ask detailed questions and share a meal


Mindful exploration of Paris in small groups or pairs with specific exercises meant to re-awaken your senses and expand your soul

One hour private consultation with Dr Laura (every person will get one time slot to deep dive their training one-on-one

Some free time to write, explore or visit


Debrief the training day

Social hour

Possible evening visit to a museum before dinner on your own or a special dinner with the team

Meet Your Personal Guide for this Paris Immersion

Dr. Laura Ciel (Co-Founder Life Advance International)


Dr Laura Ciel inspires transformation through her open heart, clarity, honesty and intense vision and passion for global harmony through inner healing.

She has a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and her coaching accreditation and leadership training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Integrating this educational and left-brain background and training with her more energetic and heart-focused work has allowed her to facilitate and guide major transformations from individuals facing major life transitions, organizations looking for more powerful leadership and team dynamics as well as anyone who wants to live and serve in their most powerful way.


I can't wait to welcome you to Paris and journey with you in finding your inner Wonder Woman!