A New Way Of Being...

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Mindful Creators Summit Series

"The most empowering, enjoyable, transformative training you will ever experience!"

Mindful Creators Summit Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett

"Emotional Intelligence For Life!"

February  2-4 New York City, NY

The world can't heal until we do!

February 2nd - 4th in New York City, New York

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A New Way Of Being...

Top 3 Reasons To Attend!


Consistently building empowering co-creative partnerships from the bedroom to the boardroom not only feels good and is fun, it frees up precious time, energy and money to focus on the things that really do matter to you such as falling in love, securing financial abundance and positively impacting the world.

By attending the MC Summit you will quickly grasp how to boost your emotional intelligence and begin creating more empowering and co-creative relationships. The authors will walk you through a simple four step process that you can begin using immediately. You will understand the power of this process, gain confidence in your ability to co-create and begin enjoying the freedom and ease of creating Rock Solid Relationships in every area of your life.

And every attendee will receive a FREE autographed copy of Rock Solid: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom.


The old paradigms for leading our lives and organizations have proven unsustainable. The idea of sacrificing ourselves for the family, our team or our company has, instead of leading to success, led to ruptured relationships, broken homes, burned out teams and astronomical levels of depression, anxiety and stress, not to mention the negative impact on our planet!

With the new Mindful Living and Leadership paradigm we acknowledge that it is impossible to lead our children, team, organization and planet to a place WE CANNOT FIND!

MINDFUL LEADERS lead by example. They invest in themselves, they are constantly improving their skill sets, fulfilling their potential, and making self-care a priority! Exercising high levels of emotional intelligence, Mindful leaders actively train and support their team members in doing the same.



Our definition of success: Love what you do, love who you do it with, love who you do it for, and at the end of the day make sure that your life, your family, team and the planet is a little brighter because of your efforts.

We know you will love the training you will receive at the Mindful Creators Summit, we also know that you will love the experience, the process and the people.

We believe that learning, in its highest form, should be fun and there are few things as enjoyable as learning with highly motivated and loving individuals from all over the world!

We can't wait to train, learn, love and play with you.

In love, integrity and service.

Dr. Laura Ciel & Bill Poett    "The Doctor and the Poett"

Claim Your Power - Become The Change!

Mindful Leadership Live Dr. Laura & Bill Poett

We can't wait any longer.

Now is the time to stand in our power, embody the change we envision and positively impact our children, this world and this planet.

Now is the time to choose love, integrity and service in each moment in order to cultivate inner peace and become an active force for global harmony.

Now is the time to stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for our contribution to the state of our existence.

What if you could change things? What might be possible if you made a commitment to honor your gifts, fulfill your potential and speak and act from a place of wholeheartedness and integrity while joyfully serving the world in your unique way?

At this Mindful Creators Summit you can expect the following:

  • A fun training atmosphere with other people who want to be the change.
  • An overview of the universal process for living as a Mindful Creator.
  • An understanding of how this process allows you to tap into greater joy, results and impact in your life.
  • How integrating this process into your life allows you to develop and access your full power and integrate all aspects of your life (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and energetic.
  • Finish the Summit with a personal training protocol that will enable you to fulfill your potential and realize your most significant dreams.
  • Opportunities to hear first-hand how Dr Laura Ciel and Bill Poett use these principles, techniques and steps in real life.

Discover an entirely new way of being...

Become the beautiful change you envision for the world

Laura Wright

“I got more results in the first two weeks using this training than in years of other personal development programs!”

Laura Wright Emmy Award Winning Actor
Russ Strobel

“I’ve worked with many leadership and performance experts. During that time I’ve never encountered a team better than Bill and Laura.”

Russ Strobel Retired Chairman, President and CEO of Nicor Inc. SBIFF Board Member

Join us in the Big Apple!

Agenda: What's On The Schedule?

Whether this is your first time training with us or you have been a Mindful Creator for years, our MC Summit trainings are the fastest, most focused way to jump start or completely reboot your life.

The combination of exercises, training, tools and the energy each team member brings to the summit is the ideal formula for lasting transformation and an unbelievably good time.

Our capacity for positive impact in the world, for love, joy and personal success is tied directly to our ability at strengthen and actualize our five quotients:

  1. Physical Quotient PQ - health, endurance, strength and vitality.
  2. Intelligence Quotient IQ- ability to develop the necessary skills and talents.
  3. Emotional Quotient EQ - ability to manage our internal state (e.g., calm, passion, love) and model these emotions for others.
  4. Service Quotient SQ - ability to share our perfectly unique gifts with the world in a way that has the greatest impact and creates the most abundance.
  5. Energetic Quotient 9Q - ability to consistently transform dreams and goals into their physical counterpart (i.e.., "reality").

At the Mindful Creators summit you will learn how to use our True North Compass™.  It is an incredibly powerful universal tool that can be applied to any area of your life where you want to close the gap between what you experience at this moment and what you see yourself experiencing in your dreams (e.g., job satisfaction, weight loss, love relationships, service work, home life...).

Dr. Ciel and Bill Poett have trained thousands of individuals and teams from people suffering after major transitions in their lives, heads of billion dollar companies, small business owners and non-profit teams, medical teams, world class athletes and now it is your turn.

Mindful Creators Summit

Friday evening

4:00pm-4:30pm: Registration at the Rooftop (Viceroy Central Park)
4:30pm-6:00pm: Meet & Greet. Set Intentions for Summit (no-host bar)


9:00am-12:30 pm: Introduction and unlocking the mysteries of universal law

12:30pm-1:45pm: Lunch Break (free time)

1:45pm-3:45 pm: Practice in Mindful Leadership and designing your blueprint for your dream life.

3:45: Explore and play with your new skills in NYC!


9:00am-12:00am: Setting up your 2018 Mindful Creators Action Plan

12:00pm-1:15pm: Lunch Break (free time)

1:15 - 3pm: Next Steps Q & A and closing remarks

February 2nd - 4th in New York City, New York

Book Your Ticket Now - New York$ 797 General Admission

One Ticket Two Hearts Special

Every general admission ticket comes with a full value companion ticket. One price, one ticket equals = two passports!

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Meet the Mindful Creators Movement founders and your personal guides for the summit.

Dr. Laura Ciel (Co-Founder Life Advance International)


Dr Laura Ciel inspires transformation through her open heart, clarity, honesty and intense vision and passion for global harmony through inner healing.

She has a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and her coaching accreditation and leadership training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Integrating this educational and left-brain background and training with her more energetic and heart-focused work has allowed her to facilitate and guide major transformations from individuals facing major life transitions, organizations looking for more powerful leadership and team dynamics as well as anyone who wants to live and serve in their most powerful way.


Bill Poett (Co-Founder at Life Advance International


Bill Poett believes that love is the most powerful force on earth and service the highest calling.

Holding 11 degrees of Black Belt and a former close quarter combat instructor, Bill is author of the breakthrough training book The ABC's of Peak Performers and Live and Love Fearlessly. Bill’s martial background brings no a nonsense approach to our teams and the client that we serve. After thirty years as a Peak Performance expert, training members of America’s most elite military, corporate, and athletic teams, Bill is ready, willing and able to serve you.


Fall 2017 Winter 2018: Mindful Creators Summit Locations

Santa Barbara, CA

Known as the American Rivera, Santa Barbara is the ideal West Coast home for our Mindful Creators Summit. While maintaining a calm and relaxing lifestyle it is also serves as a base to powerful new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. Beautiful beaches are flanked by some of the best wine and cattle country in the world and who doesn't love a sunset over the water?

Make sure you plan a few days before or after our training to enjoy the best of one of America's most beautiful cities.

New York City, NY

NYC... what more needs to be said? Complementing the laid back feel and flow of Santa Barbara is the ultimate city... the Big Apple. And... it gives our East Coast and European people an easier way to connect with us in person.

As a Mindful Creator, you will spend a great deal of time learning about different forms of energy and how to use them. The location of our Summits and other live trainings brings a fresh perspective. NYC in the winter shifts the focus to acknowledge the seasons and the magnitude of humanity. For this Summit, we will be plugged into one of the fastest-paced cities in the world and surrounded by powerful forms of energy.

Iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Maybe you can catch a Broadway theater show before or after the Summit.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now is the time to recognize that the chaos, the violence and the division around us is a reflection of the internal chaos, fear and division within each of us.

Now is the time to recognize that every time we blame, judge, attack and stand in righteous indignation of anyone’s actions we fuel the flames of the global fear, chaos and violence that we claim to oppose. We inflict pain not only on those around us, but on ourselves.

Now is the time to stop pointing fingers, stand in our power and take responsibility for our contribution to the state of our existence.

Every word and every action you take going forward has the power to change the world for the better.

February 2nd - 4th in New York City, New York

Book Your Ticket Now - New York$ 797 General Admission
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