"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."  John Quincy Adams

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Training World Class leaders

Building Winning Teams

“There are very few, if any, team-building and leadership coaches that can bring two $200 million banks together so quickly (within 3 months) and in a way that is genuine and truly sustainable.  You guys DID IT!!!

 I love and care deeply about the people I work with and Bill and Dr. Laura were so instrumental in fast-forwarding our progress.  We are totally kicking butt as THE BEST SANTA BARBARA COMMUNITY BANK and Bill and Dr. Laura are part of the family. THANK YOU.

Joanne Funari Joanne Funari
Executive Vice President American Riviera Bank

Putting People First

We are all leaders, whether it be of our own lives, a family, a small business or a multibillion-dollar international conglomerate.

The challenge we all face is learning how to become a transformational leader. Learning how to consistently move ourselves and those that we serve from where we are today, to a much greater reality, a much brighter future.

This is the essence of Transformational Leadership, this is why we are here.!

Dr. laura Ciel And Bill Poett, Founders of Life Advance International


The Six Essential Elements of Transformational Leadership

CONNECT to your PURPOSE, your POWER, and your PEOPLE!

Personal and Organizational Transformation

Transformational Leadership Defined:

Transformational Leadership is the ability to consistently lead yourself/team/organization to a destination/outcome/result greater than that which you are currently experiencing.


6 Essential Elements of Transformational Leadership


  1. A VISION so powerful and magnetic it compels others to embrace it as their own. MLK’s “I have a dream…”
  2. Clearly defined long-term, mid-term and daily HIGH VALUE TARGETS that drive “the vision” into expression and can be owned by team members.
  3. A TRAINING protocol ensuring that every team member has “best in class” skill sets necessary to achieve their individual goals.
  4. 90% ENGAGEMENT, 90% of the time by the entire team. Team members know how to communicate effectively, support each other and “lean-in”.
  5. Massive, intelligent, enjoyable ACTION every day.
  6. A real-time feedback and REVIEW process that lets you modify plans based on the actual results you are receiving.

Sixty Second Leadership/Team Diagnostic

Can you/every member of your team instantly state your compelling vision and your team’s two DECLARED 90 day wins?

Does every member of your team show up on time, prepared, inspired and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed?

Do you love what you do, who you do it with and who you do it for?

Life Advance International

"Over the course of 35 years in business, I've worked with many leadership and performance experts. During that time I've never encountered a team better than Bill and Laura."

Russ Strobel Russ Strobel
Retired Chairman, President and CEO of Nicor Inc.

Getting Started

Profitability, Morale, Client Retention and Impact!

It's impossible to lead your team to your chosen destination without first taking an inventory and knowing exactly where you are!

Our quick and easy Leadership/Team Performance Diagnostic takes less than 5 minutes to complete and provides you with months worth of clarity.

To take your first step towards Leadership Mastery click on the "assessment" button below. Or if you would like to talk to us and have one of our team members show you exactly how we can help you transform your business click on the "talk now" button.

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Dr Laura Ciel inspires transformation through her open heart, clarity, honesty and intense passion for anyone to have the opportunity to live life FULL OUT.

With a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, Laura completed coursework in Business at the Université de Grenoble and she graduated from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI France), a premier accredited professional coach training organization (where she completed the training in French).

Making her a perfect guide for you and your team.




Bill Poett believes that love is the most powerful force on earth and service the highest calling.

Holding 11 degrees of Black Belt and a former close quarter combat instructor, Bill is author of the breakthrough training book The ABC's of Peak Performers and Live and Love Fearlessly. Bill’s martial background brings no a nonsense approach to our teams and the client that we serve.

After thirty years as a Peak Performance expert, training members of America’s most elite military, corporate, and athletic teams, Bill is ready, willing and able to serve you.

Great Leaders Are Always Training Themselves And Their Teams.

quote-marks-small"Hands down the best training I have ever attended!" " I’m sure this will be one of many comments from our staff about the exceptional training and inspiring experience you created for our staff. I don’t know how to begin to thank you!"

Kenna Hickman PH.D. ,District Administrator Department of Rehabilitation