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Bill Poett believes that love is the most powerful force on earth and service the highest calling.

Holding 11 degrees of Black Belt and a former close quarter combat instructor, Bill is author of the breakthrough training book The ABC's of Peak Performers and Live and Love Fearlessly. Bill’s martial background brings no a nonsense approach to our teams and the client that we serve.

After thirty years as a Peak Performance expert, training members of America’s most elite military, corporate, and athletic teams, Bill is ready, willing and able to serve you.




Laura inspires transformation through her open heart, clarity, integrity and intense passion for anyone to have the opportunity to live a full and vibrant life, no matter the circumstances.

She has a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has studied at the Université de Grenoble in France as well as the Coaches Training Institute (CTI France).

She has worked for almost 30 years with individuals and teams facing challenging and/or tragic situations and knows the power of love and the gift of being true to yourself.

Extraordinary individuals and teams demand and deserve extra-ordinary training and results!

There is nothing ordinary about our company or the clients we serve., in fact if you are happy with the status quo and "good enough" performance from yourself or your team, then you are in the wrong place.

Dr. Laura's work on one of the nation's top palliative care teams, and Bill's as a knife fighting instructor have forged an unwillingness to settle for anything less than the best, along with a profound respect for the value of your life, your time and your untapped potential.

If you demand, deserve and expect the best... WELCOME HOME!

So which path is best for you?

Life Advance International
  • Leadership Training

    Our Leadership Advance training immerses leaders and their teams in a process scientifically designed to drive sustainable change, character development and best in class competencies throughout your entire organization.

    With traditional executive “retreats”, members of the C-suite can anticipate pleasant games, lots of hype and charming leadership mantras, where the impact is difficult to quantify and the results, if any, rarely survive the week, much less create the needed systemic change within your organization.

    Our Leadership Advances are a deep dives into the heart of your leadership, team and company culture. We will discover exactly what is working, what isn’t, and we will then help your team set a new course for the profits, impact and success you aspire for.

    Together we will create a strategic and training road map that will bring your newly crystallized vision into reality in the fastest, most sustainable and cost effect way possible.

  • Personal Training - Mindful Creators Course

    The primary cause of suffering for most people is not a lack of access, opportunity or power. People in general are much more powerful than they give themselves credit for and access to information and opportunity are everywhere.

    The primary cause of suffering is the fact that we are in constant creation, and yet the vast majority of the population haven’t been taught the science behind it.

    So instead of living a life of fully realized potential, a life of health and vitality, love, abundance, success and positive impact in our communities.  Most people spend their entire lives living as accidental creators and self defeating victims of their own power.

    The happiest, most successful men and women on earth rely on simple, proven and consistently applied principles. They understand nature’s laws of creation and live and act in harmony with them.

    In our Mindful Creators Academy we SIMPLIFY SUCCESS and train you in the six essential elements needed to harness your power, come into harmony with the laws of creation and live the life of your dreams.

Leadership Training
Life Advance International
Personal Training
Life Advance International

“There are very few, if any, team-building and leadership coaches that can bring two $200 million banks together so quickly (within 3 months) and in a way that is genuine and truly sustainable.  You guys DID IT!!!

 I love and care deeply about the people I work with and Bill and Dr. Laura were so instrumental in fast-forwarding our progress.  We are totally kicking butt as THE BEST SANTA BARBARA COMMUNITY BANK and Bill and Dr. Laura are part of the family. THANK YOU.

Joanne Funari Joanne Funari
Executive Vice President American Riviera Bank

"Over the course of 35 years in business, I've worked with many leadership and performance experts. During that time I've never encountered a team better than Bill and Laura."

Russ Strobel Russ Strobel
Retired Chairman, President and CEO of Nicor Inc.